Trade Show for Equipment and Products for Gastronomy FOOD-to-GO in  Gdansk is a place, where professionalism and experience meet with a fresh outlook in the catering industry. It is the most important event in the catering industry in Northern Poland, which gathers restorers, hoteliers, confectioners and bakers together.  The event will take place on the 03-04.02.2016 in AMBER EXPO.

The Trade Show is divided into a themed zones: Presentation and Workshops Zone, Dessert Inspiration Zone,  Gluten-Free Zone and a brand new Intelligent Restaurant Zone. Among this year’s special guest you will meet Charles Daigneault - chef, the finalist of the MasterChef  and the agent of Magda Gessler; Krzysztof Trzópek – Confectionery Master.

It’s no coincidence that the event is taking place in Gdansk. The city is famous for its centuries-old catering tradition attracts tourists with its offer each year. Moreover, it is an attractive market for producers and distributors who try to reach clients from the northern part of the country.

We already reveal our sweet plans! It is said, that the first mention about the doughnuts was in Gdansk. That’s why we’ve decided to celebrate the last days of the carnival and encourage you to celebrate the Fat Thursday (04.02.2016) with us.

More information: We invite you to online registration, which allows  free admission.