PCEI as well as foreign exhibition industry organizations for several years have been registering complaints from scammed exhibitors who contact them almost daily in matters regarding unofficial exhibitor directories and guides, offered by Expoguide, Construct Data etc. We got to know that the German AUMA’s legal department has even documented several hundred cases.

The following information, produced in cooperation with UFI and AUMA aims to make exhibitors aware of the illicit activities of the publishers of unofficial directories and to provide assistance to the exhibitors concerned.


What should you do when receiving an offer for a directory entry?

What should you do if you have signed the form in error?

What happens if I do not pay?

What should you do if you have paid?


You will find all the crucial information in the below statment.

*The statment comes from the PCEI bulletin. Targi w Krakowie Ltd is not liable for the information.