ELESA+GANTER POLSKA Sp. z o.o.         Stand W-27

Castors for medium and high load capacity. Rubber, polyurethane or polyamide wheels with reinforced, welded brackets for loads up to 23.000 N. For industrial use, indoor, outdoor and application where chemical agents are present.

FATPOL TOOLS Sp. z o.o.  Stand W-36

Bar feed collets for bar loaders: CUCCHI®, LNS® / TRYTON®, FMB® / TURBO, TRAUB®, and inside clamping sleeves for: INDEX®, FMB® / TURBO, SHK.


Tube bending machine model CNC 20 EMBH with rotary bending head. New software M4.

HT SOLUTIONS         Stand W-41

Techni WaterjetTM Quantum ESPTM is by far the most efficient waterjet pump available on the market , delivering „real” efficienty gains and „real” savings.


Cooling system UCH®-30-40 / 20-PC / PP-WT in a closed circuit with a built-in liquid filtration. HASAN latest product designed for use in optical glass grinders from different manufacturers. Patented product, submitted to the EUROTOOL'2015 best product competition.

Cooling system UCH®-00-25-PC2-KF1 / 2-SPEC in an open circuit with a built-in liquid filtration. The system is equipped with a solenoid valve and a pressure regulator. Supplied in liquid from the water supply network. Patented product, submitted to the EUROTOOL'2015 best product competition.

LTT TRANSFER TECHNOLOGII Sp. z o.o.         Stand D-27

Contaminated parts are placed in the drum of the machine filled by chips, water and degreasing detergent. Detergent mixed with water neutralizes oils and greases and abrasive media removes contaminations from the surface of treated parts.

MAHR POLSKA Sp. z o.o.         Stand W-11

Flexible shaft measuring machine MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus with a precise roundness measuring axis and CMOS matrix camera offers the right measuring solution for the fast and precise measurement of rotationally symmetrical workpieces in production.

MARCOSTA Centrum Handlu i Produkcji Obrabiarek  Stand D-1, D-2

Machine Centre Agni+ BMV 45+TC24 is characterized by a great efficiency, quality achieved by excellent stiffness, optimal construction solutions, thermal stability, comfortable operation due to a friendly working environment and, at last but not least, exceptional adaptability.

Protective shields for: grinding, drilling and milling machines, lathes, lathe chucks, leading spindles, boring machines, presses and also back panels for machine tools. Greatly durable and easy to use, equipped with LED lighting as standard.

Lathe is constructed according to CE standards. Electrical connection 400V/50Hz; protective covers, lathe chuck shield, pulled-out chip tray, cooling system, machine lamp, infinitely variable speed control, 3 spindle speed steps in range of 14-2500rev/min,  digital position display, steady cutting speed.


CHMER EA425SL with Linear Drive - beyond the limit o technology. The in-house "Linear Motor Technology developed by CHMER Group has overcome the mechanical inaccuracy associated with the back-lash that came from the ball-screw drive system offering precise monitoring of actual position.

HWACHEON CUTEX-160 has compact design, rigid construction, and a wide range of options available. The machine incorporates L-HTLD, the Hwacheon Lathe Tool Load Detection system, which monitors the tool load in real time to protect your valuable assets and to provide consistent, quality results.