New generation of ultra light digital UL4 calipers of Sylvac (Switzerland). Extremely light instrument, internal and external measurement, displays the upper and lower tolerances, integrated BLUETOOTH® Smart data transmission.

Universal centering arm with fine adjustment NF 1022 NOGA ENGINEERING Ltd.: Used for centering of workpieces, universal fine adjustment, holds: 6mm,8mm,3/8", central locking mechanism with spring loaded bearing.

Ceramic deburring tool CR 1100 NOGA ENGINEERING Ltd. : ideal for deburring plastics and other soft materials, extremely long life, ceramic blade, mounted in ergonomically held handle with soft grip.

RAIS – TOOLS Sp. z o.o.                Stand W-18

Strenghtened vertical clamp with cover - the locking mechanism, in so far produced manual toggle clamps was not secured. This resulted in the ingress weld spatter, shavings, etc. inside the clamp. This made it difficult, and sometimes impossible job. The answer for  this is a new toggle clamp with a cover, developed and manufactured by RAIS-Narzędzia Mocujące.

Personal  robot  P-Rob® - Robots evolve away from machines with clearly defined processes to interactive helpers, who are no longer relegated behind fences and light barriers, but also get free motion and still are safe for humans. F&P Robotics has developed a robot that could completely change the employment relationship between man and machine. The P-Rob® (stands for Personal Robot) can assist co-workers and handle as it would be their third arm.


The machining centers NXV series offers excellent performance with high precision and reasonable price. NXV1020A incorporates the features of high speed machining and high rigidity. The precision of NXV1020A meets customer’s demands in die & mold machining, automotive, mechanic, electronic industries.

Grinding machine model ZT48 is a product of highest accuracy and versatility. A large weight of machine gives it rigidity. The advantages of the machine is generous equipment as a standard. Machine with travel 600 x 220 mm is dedicated for customers interested in precision grinding of small parts.

OELHELD is manufacturer of industry liquids of newest generation: dielectric IME MH 82 and 110, IONOPLUS MH for spark erosion processes, full synthetic grinding oils SINTOGRIND, IONOGRIND, DIAGRIND as well as water-soluble coolants AquaTec in many kinds dedicated for each machining art.

SECO TOOLS POLAND         Stand W-48

Our new grades TP2501, TP1501 and TP0501 that we have maximized for predictable and productive performance. With three grades, we cover all steel turning applications. Such optimization involves taking our extensive research and applying it to the advancement of our Duratomic coating technology.

Seco continues to grow Threadmaster Tap line with the addition new material-speciic taps and larger thread-size versions. Seco now ofers 330 ISO materials-speciic taps and over 200 new items within its existing tap product range, and many of the new taps come with internal coolant capabilities.

Seco introduces the new Double Octomill Cassette Cutter to its long successful range of face milling cutters. Using advanced pinlocating technology, the new cassettes ensure easy and precise insert positioning. Equally important, cassette pockets are adjustable to practically eliminate axial runout.


Brand new TELESIS product – dot peen marking head with 50mm x 20 mm marking window with possibility of marking up to 3 characters per second. Small, compact design gives possibility to integrate the marking head in the complex machines.

The innovative, compact and flexible VARI-Z Series of solid state laser marking systems created for applications that require the processing of multiple or uneven surfaces. The focusing optic enables to quickly generate the working distance up to a total focused depth of 78mm.

P.P.H. WOBIT E.K.J. OBER s.c.         Stand W-21

Robot Tower TR300 has 4 degrees of freedom allowing complex movement. Robot offers payload up to 15 kg at maximal reach up to 500 mm (standard reach is 300 mm). Robot is designed for pick&place applications, packaging, palletisation, assembling and sorting.

AGV32 is a mobile, unmanned robot designed for transport of goods which movement is executed on appointed path. Its max. linear velocity is from 30 to 60 m/min. Max. pulling force is 300 N, and weight of towed carriage is up to 350 kg. AGV robot can operate up to 12 h without charging batteries.

ZAKMET s.c.         Stand D-69

CNC PLASMA CUTTING MACHINE -FIRECUT TRUE BEVEL Machine solutions for plasma cutting with integrated technology, which simplifies the process of cutting and beveling. Built-in techniques like nesting optimization using process compensation and corner loop macros that optimize corner loops based on plate thickness and geometry of the part. The system provides automatic arc voltage measurement using the Sensor™ THC electronics which both optimizes consumable life and part dimensions throughout the life of the consumables. Robust welded and rigid construction machinery allows for smooth movement and high efficiency. True Bevel technology leaves nothing to chance.