Regarded as one of the most import business meeting place for specialists from material processing industry in Middle-East Europe! Krakow’s EUROTOOL® Trade Fairs for the past dozen of years have gathered more than 75 000 professionals and 4500 Exhibitors.

It is good to be where industry meets!

EUROTOOL® Trade Fairs are an important catalyst for innovations in industry and a perfect market for business. It’s here in Krakow where each year international producers and designers meet their customers, while their attention is focused on material processing industry.

EUROTOOL® Trade Fairs are organized in a perfect location. Close to developing Eastern markets provides great opportunities to find new distribution channels and suppliers for resources and materials. Krakow is also well connected with every major industrial zone in southern Poland such as Silesia or Subcarpathia. Visitors are always glad to come to historical and tourist Krakow.

EUROTOOL® Trade Fairs have a vast spectrum of influence. In one place and at one time 8 000 professionals from all over the world meet during our fairs – CEO’s, owners, directors, engineers, designers and technicians representing such industries as: constructions, automotive, machine manufacturing, aeronautic, mining, railroads and other.