Warning against Expo Guide


Please note that the Fair in Krakow Ltd do not cooperate with Expo Guide from Mexico or other companies of this type. Using by this company Fair in Krakow's logo is illegal. The operations of the Expo Guide reached a considerable size, not only on the European market.

The activities of this type of companies rely on misleading exhibitors and trade fair organizers by sending them properly worded declaration form that offers promotions in the catalog Expo Guide. After several weeks, those who foolishly sent back the forms, they learn that the next three years will have to pay over 1,000 euros per year. More about these activities and information on how to defend themselves can be found at UFI - the Global Association of Exhibition Industry, and the Panel of Polish Chamber of the Industrial Exhibition. We also recommend an article in Tax Gazette (No. 557 of 2009-05-11).