HEAT not LOST Conference
- energy efficiency, thermal insulation for energy industry


The energy efficiency is one of the best ways to rise to the challenge of tight energy resources and climate change.

The industrial insulation takes a leading role amongst the undertakings to improve the energy efficiency. The areas that need the insulation are pipelines, tanks, gas ducts, turbines, filters and fittings and many others.

Main themes of the conference:

  ◦  energy efficiency audit
  ◦  thermal imagining
  ◦  energy efficiency classes
  ◦  economical thickness of insulation
  ◦  white certificates
  ◦  methods for calculating thermal insulation
  ◦  energy consumption monitoring
  ◦  insulation design
  ◦  laws and regulations
  ◦  modern insulation materials
  ◦  financing of investments related to improvement of energy efficiency

Who attends the conference:

  ◦  representatives of energy and other industries
  ◦  design offices and auditors
  ◦  industrial insulation contractors
  ◦  scientific communities from the fields of:
     - evaluation of efficiency in insulation construction
     - computer-aided design of insulation construction
     - engineering in insulation materials
     - energy loss monitoring methods 

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