The programme of the International Trade Fair of Hotel and Catering Equipment has never been so impressive before. The new, more attractive formula of the biggest autumn event of HoReCa industry in Poland has gathered over 13 500 guests.


“Only here the wide industry scope makes it possible to take care of many things at the same time and learn more about newest trends. I appreciate direct contact with representatives during which I can test the equipment and negotiate the good price”, says Karolina Cieplak, the owner of Cieplak Confectionery from Dąbrowa Górnicza.

The wide range of products was presented by over 350 exhibitors from all over the world.


We only focus on the biggest professional Trade Fairs. That’s why we’ve been participating in HORECA ® for many years and with every edition we can see dynamic progress of this event. What’s more, we have here many customers from abroad – more than in any other trade fair in Poland. This time we presented speedBars – mobile bars, fitting in the suitcase”, says Grzegorz Braun, KOMAT Company.


It is not possible to mention all newest products presented on the stands but it’s essential to take a closer look at those, that were prized in The Competition for the Best Product for Hotels and Catering. One of the most interesting solutions was Aroslim, which won in the category of Equipment for Hotel and Restaurant.

„The aroma is still underestimated marketing tool, which has huge impact on popularity of the facility and shopping decision. The research shows that 75% of decisions are made, based on sense of smell. That’s why our product was so interesting for visitors and the Jury”, says Rafał Mikos, HellCold Company.

The main prize in Accessories and Equipment for Catering category was given for: speedBAR presented by Komat Company Mieczysław Kozłowski and for special product to polish and clean stainless steel introduced by Emichem P.P. Zakłady Chemiczne. The winner of SPA Equipment and Accessories category was brainLight relaxTower with ShiatsuMassage Chair 3D FLOAT PLUS presented by brainLight Polska Figaro Corporation Paweł Jaguś, and in Food and Drinks category the main award was given to Belfood Sp. z o. o. for PURENA – 100% apple juice in form of condensed concentrates.


Catering Show

Masters Kitchen, the special area organised with FARUTEX company, has received much attention. Polish and worldwide experts, among who were Kris Basznianin, Sasu Laukkonen and Torsten Vildgaard, shared not only recipes but also their philosophy of running a restaurant. 

“The unique climate and relationship with people are two things that are often forgotten but very important. The customers need to feel that they will discover something new each time they visit your restaurant. That’s why it’s essential to constantly inspire yourself – by other chefs, surroundings, travels or even simple, everyday life.” Says Torsten Vildgaard


A true star of this year’s edition was not only Coffee and Tea Salon but also chocolate workshops during Masters Kitchen.

“Chocolate market has been existing for over 15 years but only now it’s significantly expanding. Good taste of chocolate, the real core of successful visit, brings the customer back to your restaurant. During the show we presented few unique dessert forms, based on chocolate”, says virtuoso of chocolate Emil Domański



HORECA Academy

The extensive accompanying programme of HORECA® Trade Fairs was no doubt something outstanding. Lecturers and workshops during HORECA Academy provided valuable and complex knowledge concerning running a hotel,  guesthouse, restaurant or any other food court – from promotion to management.


Special events at the Trade Fairs

The Trade Fairs were accompanied by 5th Krakow Waiters Run and Cup TASTERS Polish Championship 2016. On the first day of the Trade Fairs the visitors could watch Waiters Run won by Łukasz Chlebek from Hotel SPA Laskowo, Jankowice. He broke the record in the competition of keeping as many glasses as possible in one hand (31 pieces). The second place was taken by Jan Jakimowicz from Pasja Restaurant (Spałka Hotel, Kluczbork) and the third place was shared by two waiters: Lucyna Stępień from Victoria Restaurant (Best Western Grand Hotel, Kielce) and Wiktor Syguła who represented Ponidzie Restaurant (Hotel Słoneczny Zdrój, Busko Zdrój). Another special event was Cup TASTERS 2016 Polish Championship, which was qualifying selection for World Cup Tasters Championship in Shanghai. Poland will be represented there by Karina Pest from Java Coffee, who beat the best Polish baristas. “During the competition I felt like during the normal day at work – it was a pure pleasure. You have to do in your life what you like”, says Karina Pest.  



Wine and successful Beer Debut 

At the International Wine Trade Fair ENOEXPO®, which is the only one professional and annual meeting of wine experts from Poland and abroad, you could taste wines from all over the world i.e.: Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Spain, Portugal, Romania, RPA, Slovenia, Ukraine. A partner of the Trade Fair was Germany. Also Czas Wina Magazine awarded António Rios de Amorim, the head of Amorim Group  and world leader in the natural cork industry, with the title of Man of the Year.

“As Poland belongs to 10 TOP countries importing German wine, ENOEXPO® is the best opportunity to look for importers for products of our wine producers. We are also impressed by new facility EXPO Krakow”, said Anna Gmurczyk,  Wines of Germany.


This year’s novelty was Beer & More Salon, where you could meet producers of the small, original breweries. “Beer and smaller breweries are getting more and more popular. That’s why the zone like this is very good idea. We made many promising contacts in Krakow”, says Jakub Chlibkiewicz, representing Czech Lobkowicz brewery.


We already know the date of the next HORECA® Trade Fair. We invite you to EXPO Kraków on  the 16th-18th November 2016.