The Coffee and Tea Salon is a place where professionals and amateurs of good taste meet.Festival Zone groups together Exhibitors from tea and coffee industry, who wants to present their offer to customers looking for the best quality products. Additionally, the Salon is accompanied by series of workshops and seminars dedicated mainly to cafés.   





The tea and coffee market in Poland:

Millions of people all around the world start their day with cup of coffee. Also in Poland the unique taste and stimulating properties make coffee more popular. What is more, the customers start choosing higher quality products. Last few years were good time for catering industry as the customers are more likely to drink coffee in café instead of their houses. This major change has a huge impact on Polish market and makes it perfect place to look for investors.


Also the tea market in Poland expands, reaching the 9th place in worldwide ranking for biggest amount of drank tea. It is essential to know that tea is one of the most important drinks for Poles. It  is so popular that cafés and restaurants must invest in best quality products in order to attract customers. That is why Polish market is an interesting option especially for producers and importers of premium tea.


We invite companies from tea and coffee industry to participate in the Coffee and Tea Salon in Krakow.


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